We believe in spending money on the product, not fancy packaging. When you buy Y-NOT Dog Cookies, you can be rest assured that we are only using the finest ingredients for your dog. No fillers. No preservatives. Only all natural ingredients that speak for themselves!


“Honestly, so hard to talk about yourself , so here it goes…

Learning never came easy to me. I’ve gone through struggles. Growing pains. Learned what I loved and what I didn’t. I’ve realized what is important and what isn’t. I’ve learned to follow my passions. To live my life through those passions.

So, what better way to share my passion with others than through my love of baking and my unwavering passion for dogs! So, the best way to honor Tony’s memory and to follow my passion was to to start my own business, Y-NOT Dog Cookies!”



“If I could describe him in a few of words: a sweet hound rescue mix that exuded only pure love and kindness. Tony was the apple of my eye and  this child of mine couldn’t do anything wrong.

So many stories to share! Honestly, Tony changed my life forever.  Can you imagine how good it felt to have 60-pound pup jump into your arms? Tony was my little shadow!

Sadly, my husband Wade & I only got to love this sweet boy for just over 3 years. He got sick over the fourth of July weekend and we will never know what took him from us. The only peace came from my husband. He reminded me of  2 DNA tests that we had done on him and we never received results back. Wade told me the reason we never did was because there is no DNA test for an angel.”




For quality assurance you can be sure he is the first to try every batch! Y-NOT Dog Cookies always gets his paw of approval!



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