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Having all current flavors of Y-NOT Dog Cookies registered with the NYS
Department of Agriculture means that we have met the necessary
requirements to sell these all-natural dog treats anywhere in NYS.
Here is the link if you are interested reading and understanding a little

In the future Y-NOT Dog Cookies may be expanding into other states!

The sizes of Y-NOT Dog Cookies always vary! Because each cookie is handmade, we cure the monotony by crafting different sizes! Our dog cookies are easily breakable to suit almost any sized dog!

We only use real ingredients! For example when you buy blueberry and maple dog cookies, we use real blueberries and real maple syrup! We also use all natural powders for coloring (like strawberry, beet and turmeric)!

Since our treats go through a dehydration process, this gives them a great crunch
along with removing a lot of the moisture, giving it a stable shelf life of almost a year! However, we highly doubt your pup will let you make a bag last this long!

We ship our dog cookies within one week! However, most of the time it is even sooner! Once shipped, it is entirely based on the carrier!